Absolute Essentials Rosehip Oil (Organic)

Absolute Essentials Rosehip Oil (Organic)

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A deeply nourishing oil for sensitive, damaged or mature skin - apply directly nightly and/ or in the mornings following cleansing routine.

Supports the skin’s natural rejuvenating processes to encourage a soft youthful complexion. Especially beneficial for mature skin. Recommended under the eyes or for damaged skin & scarring.


Perfect as a nourishing skin serum. Can also be used for formulating your own cosmetics.

Skin Rejuvenation -The tonic and curative properties of this oil can assist natural healing in a range of skin complaints. It is especially beneficial to dry, dull and sun damaged skin. Apply 5-10 drops daily after cleansing.

Mature Skin - To promote a more youthful complexion and feed revitalising oils to the skin, apply 5-10 drops to the face daily after cleansing.

Sensitive Skin - This very fine oil is particularly suited to the sensitive areas under the eyes or to assist with the natural reparation of damaged skin.

Black Rings (under eye) -Rosehip oil helps to condition fine, delicate skin and may prove useful against black rings under the eyes - caused by allergies, stress, or lack of sleep. Apply 2-3 drops at bedtime after cleansing with Rose Floral Water.


Rosa rubiginosa / mosqueta, virgin cold pressed, fruit, Certified Organic, Chile.

(Organic Rosehip Oil)