Absolute Essentials Castor Oil (Organic)

Absolute Essentials Castor Oil (Organic)

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Organic, Unsulphured

For use in your own blends and remedies.


Hydrating & nutritious for skin, with significant healing properties. Aids joint mobility & natural recovery in muscle & tissue. Useful for rheumatism, arthritis & other painful body issues. Also assists lymphatic flow, to counter fatigue & lows.

Sprains and Repetitive Strain - Massage direct to affected area to support effective recovery from sprains and injury. Also around the joints to assist healthy circulation, which may be especially useful for stiffness and pain related to RSI. Add a teaspoon of Arnica infused oil and a few drops Lavender for added healing and soothing benefit.

Arthritis and Rheumatic Pain -Castor oil has nourishing and anti-inflammatory properties that support natural healing and restoration in damaged joints. Combine 1tsp with 5 drops of Juniper Berry and German Chamomile to create a deeply therapeutic night time treatment.

Liver Detox -Soak a clean, organic, colour-free cotton cloth in warm Castor oil and place it on the right side of the abdomen. Put plastic over the cloth, a towel and then a hot water bottle and rest for up to 2 hours. Rinse with water and baking soda. Repeat 3 times a week for up to 3 months.

Digestive Discomfort -Castor oil can be simply, gently warmed and massaged onto the stomach in a clockwise direction. Or applied (as for detox above) on a warm pack.


Ricinus communis, bean, cold pressed

(Organic, Unsulphured Castor Oil)