Natava Organic Superfood Smoothie

Natava Organic Superfood Smoothie

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Certified organic!

Natava Superfood Smoothie is blend of super food powders to help you make tasty, healthy smoothies in a flash! It consists of raw, organic cacao powder, maca, mesquite, and lucuma - all of which are nutrient dense and provide you with many of your essential vitamins and minerals.

  • High level of antioxidants due to the cacao which can help to mop up free radicals.
  • Maca is a rich source of essential amino acids which are vital for optimum health and well-being.
  • Mesquite is a great addition to this blend of smoothie powder as it is a source of protein whilst being sweet in taste.
  • Lucuma adds a great nutty vanilla flavour with a creamy texture as well as being rich in naicin which has many benefits which include helping the body to absorb calcium and improving the health of skin, hair and nails.
  • Natava Superfood Smoothie blend is a great source of fibre and a source of magnesium, an essential mineral for overall health, including a healthy heart and aiding the body in absorbing many other minerals.
  • Contains NO added additives, artificial sweeteners or chemicals, and is pesticide free.

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Organic cacao power, organic maca powder, organic mesquite powder, organic lucuma powder.

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