What Protein is right for me?

Protein supplementation has grown in popularity over the last 10 - 15 years. This is because protein can assist with keeping level energy and blood sugar, along with sustained energy for workouts. Ensuring there is adequate protein in your diet, and that it's consumed close to finishing a workout, means your body is more likely to build or maintain its muscle mass. 

There is research continually emerging about the optimal amounts (and as proportion of calories) of protein and other macro-nutrients (carbohydrates and fats). A good rule of thumb for moderately active people is to consume approx. 1g of protein daily per kg of body mass.

One of the easiest ways to consume protein quickly is in a smoothie or protein bar. We have a recipe blog here to get you started with making smoothies.

Beware that many modern protein supplements do contain nasty synthetic / chemical ingredients like artificial sweeteners. At Vibrant Nutrition, we ONLY stock 100% products containing natural ingredients - and most of our products are Organic.

I wanted to include some NEW products that are not currently on the Vibrant Nutrition site, to provide you a range options. I'll be putting these products up on the shop in the next few weeks, but for now any products with * can be ordered via email directly with me ros@vibrantnutrition.co.nz

Remember, all our products are always priced below RRP. Courier delivery is always free on orders over $80 - great for ordering the larger sizes! We also do samples of Nuzest Clean Lean Protein which we can post for free. Supplies usually arrive in 1 -2 business days.

Here goes...

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Your Requirement:
(ALL have NO artificial additives but taste great)
Option 1 Option 2 Option 3
Great Tasting - Don't need to add anything to drink Nuzest Clean Lean Protein
Good Health Superfood Protein Smoothie

$23.00/ 200g
(*Order Directly with me Via Email as it’s not on the web shop yet)
Dairy free, gluten Free, Vegan

Sensitive Gut
Nuzest Clean Lean Protein
Amazonia Raw Protein
OR Amazonia Raw Fermented Paleo Protein
Sacha Inchi
(A nut protein from the Amazon; great value)

High available protein/

Amazonia Whey Protein with Prebiotics

$48.50/ 450g
$79.50/ 900g
(*Order Directly with me Via Email as it’s not on the web shop yet)
Amazonia Raw Protein
OR Amazonia Raw Fermented Paleo Protein


Source of Antioxidants, Vitamins, Minerals, Pre- and Pro-biotics Nuzest Good Green Stuff
 Vital Greens

Energy to burn! Cocoa Cassava Bars

VERY tasty!!
Coconut Oil
(Use in Smoothies or any other food/ cooking)
 Raw Cacao


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